The Power of Video for Associations

Sergey Kamshylin /

I’m a presenter at ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Dallas, August 11-14.  ASAE is the American Society for Association Executives, also known as ASAE – The Center for Association Leadership.

I have two co-presenters for our Sunday afternoon session, Video as an Educational and Communications Tool, Jeff Ghannam (Crystal Communications) and David Welch (M2 Inspired).  Jeff is a strategic communications and marketing consultant, loaded with energy and creativity.  David is an amazing video director and producer that got his start doing political work, (we’ve both worked for Newt Gingrich at different times) but now his focus is on science and biotech issues.

We’ve met over lunch several times and now it’s time to really get to work.  Preparing the presentation is time consuming because we’re watching association videos on You Tube so that we can include examples of how the medium is being used by associations.  Kevin Alloca, trends manager for You Tube says that 48 hours of video is uploaded to You Tube every minute.  If your association has used video I hope you will consider sending me a link.  Not every every association or non-profit has produced a video, but there will probably be a day when they have.

I became interested in video for associations last year when the Flavor and Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) was preparing to present their Excellence in Flavor Science Award.  Years of watching award shows made me imagine that the presentation ceremony would be more interesting and exciting if there was video involved.  So I asked our Communications Director Mat Gulick to produce something.  Mat did a great job of writing, planning, hiring a crew, and traveling to Cornell University to spend a day with Dr. Terry Acree.  The results are linked here and it hooked me on the power of video for associations.

This will be my first year attending the ASAE Annual Meeting.  I’m a member of ASAE and for many years I’ve participated in the local DC events and relied on their great materials to learn about best practices in association management.  I’ve submitted presentation proposals for their convention before and it’s exciting for me to finally have an idea included.  I’m also enjoying working with Jeff and David very much; they are very interesting and creative guys.

Let me know if you’ll be able to attend the ASAE Convention in Dallas.

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