ASAE Rocks and Cowboy, is that a Big Screen!

I’m just back from a few days in Dallas where I gave a speech at an amazing ASAE Annual Meeting and Exhibition.  ASAE included all of the critical elements of a good meeting: fun networking events, good content, and excellent organization and logistics.

The highlight from a fun and networking point of view was the opening party at Dallas Cowboy Stadium.  The nearly 5,000 attendees had the run of the place including the field and the Cowboy’s locker room.    This is probably a good point in the post and in the calendar year to make it clear that I am a Washington Redskins fan, and I know fans that would not appreciate how much I enjoyed my time in “Jerry’s House” as they call the stadium, but it’s a pretty amazing building.

The highlight of ASAE from a content point of view was the presentation by Dan Pink.  I’ve blogged about Dan before and he was there discussing research that supports his upcoming book, To Sell is Human, which I pre-ordered today.

I was extremely proud of the team that helped me present on video use by associations.  We live in a visual world, and if associations are going to continue to reach our consumers, our members, in the clutter of modern life then we have to create compelling visual images.  Our presentation included viewings of eight association videos, good ones and not so good ones.  If you want to see the best of what an association can do in video check out “Industry of Opportunity” by the National Restaurant Association.

The best part for me was getting to know Jeff Ghannam and David Welch over the last six months.  I’m certain that we provided value for our ASAE audience and we’ve developed lasting professional friendships.

In the research we presented we found that association video use has soared in the past five years.  Associations and non-profits are using video in lots of ways including:

  • Marketing
  • Product sales,
  • Meeting promotion and programming, and
  • Advocacy and government relations.

The increased use of videos by associations and non-profits is exciting and the primary challenge I see is that these groups aren’t always making strategic use of their videos.  We challenged the attendees to take their video creation and use to the next level and I know they will respond.  The ASAE Annual Meeting and Exhibition presents the absolute best view of the association world.  If you have any connection to the association world you should attend this event.

The theme here is video; our presentation was on video use by associations and in case you haven’t heard, Cowboy Stadium has the largest projection screen in the world.

Thank you to Jeff and David, and also to Mat Gulick at Verto Solutions, and Emily Nyaz and Catherine Doyle at M2 Multimedia, for providing critical and time-consuming support for this project.  It was a great experience for me and a reminder that association and non-profit management is a team sport.

It’s going to be a rebuilding year in D.C., but I still say, “Hail to the Redskins.”

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