Global Color Conference 2012

Congratulations to the International Association of Color Manufacturers (IACM) for hosting a great conference this week in Chicago.  Early September in Chicago was beautiful and IACM created a great event for color manufacturers and user companies.

The Global Color Conference 2012: Food & Beverage Color in Today’s Global Market, is the latest in a series of accomplishments for IACM, the leading association of food & beverage color manufacturers and users.  Color is important to so many consumer products – confectionary, beverages, medicines, and so many more.

IACM is a Verto Solutions association and their Executive Director is Sarah Codrea.  In addition to hosting the Color Conference, IACM can point to several other wins this year including:

  • Expanding membership; General Mills is the most recent company to join IACM,
  • A new digital presence
  • Increased advocacy efforts with a focus on sound science and defending the continued safe use of colors in foods and beverages.

The Global Color Conference was successful because the two-day event was well-organized and the program content was excellent.  The regulatory and public affairs horizon for color use is challenging and IACM delivered leaders from industry and government to help the members sort out the issues.

Special credit is due to two of IACM’s leaders, Joe Kern from Emerald Performance Materials is IACM President, and Rohit Tibrewala from ROHA USA was Chairman of the Color Conference.  Kern, Tibrewala, and the entire IACM Board of Directors took some risks in planning this conference and it paid off.  Associations must always be growing and innovating to remain relevant to their members; the IACM certainly is.

The Conference also featured recognition of Dr. Joseph Borzelleca.  Borzelleca received IACM’s Lifetime Service Award for his decades of service to the industry.  Most “certified” or synthetic colors used in the U.S. today are available because of Dr. Borzelleca’s scientific leadership.  Dr. Borzelleca was recognized as a scholar, teacher, gentleman, and friend.  My first IACM meeting twelve years ago was the last one that Joe attended, but his service to the industry continues with the reliance on safety studies that he managed decades ago.  Joe wasn’t able to receive the award in person, but IACM played a recorded video where he thanked the industry for the honor.  Joe is in good health and still consulting and volunteering in Richmond, Virginia.

Special credit is due to IACM’s on-the-ground team in Chicago, Sarah Codrea, Mat Gulick, and Jane Reynolds.  Verto Solutions has a very busy fall schedule and this conference was an additional event for the team and it came off without any hiccups.  Verto’s Managing Director Sean Taylor, Ph.D., was part of the Conference program.  Sean is a leading scientific authority on the safe use of colors and other food ingredients.

IACM is a Verto Solutions association that is doing great new things!

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