Verto Solutions, ASAE & the Association Management Advantage

AMCGuide - Web_Page_01Association management is in the spotlight again.  ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership just published a special supplement to Associations Now that focuses on the advantages of association management.

The trend toward association management is significant, with more and more non-profits, trade groups, and professional societies turning to professional management companies to run their increasingly sophisticated operations.

Verto Solutions, a Washington, D.C.-based association management and scientific services company is one of the companies included in the ASAE supplement.

April Motley’s feature story highlights one of the main advantages to association management: shared expertise, transferring knowledge from association to association.  In an earlier post, What is Association Management? I identified three association management advantages:

  • Controlling Costs
  • Eliminating Employee-related risks, and
  • Access to More Skilled and Experienced Professionals

Motley’s article focuses on the third advantage and this is perhaps the most powerful – shared expertise and leveraging collective brain power.  The association directors at Verto Solutions now meet on a regular basis to share strategies and best practices.

It is an exciting time to be in association management.

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