Being a Great Leader

200px-Nick_Saban_09_PracticeUniversity of Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban’s 14 Leadership Leasons (from How Good Do You Want to Be? Ballantine Books 2005)

1. Great leaders stand up when adversity arisies.

2. Great leaders allow the team to take ownership of the rules.

3. Great leaders embrace future leaders.

4. Great leaders lead the orchestra but let them play.

5. Great leaders pick their battles.

6. Great leaders do not rush to make changes because of failure.

7. Great leaders hire good people.

8. Great leaders make tough decisions.

9. Great leaders accept responsibility.

10. Great leaders show compassion for those around them.

11. Great leaders never force leadership.

12. Great leaders must insist on excellence.

13. Great leaders are not always popular.

14. Great leaders don’t have all the answers, but they find them.

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